What are the Benefits of Mediation

 Mediation works for unrepresented litigants as well as those represented by counsel who by stipulation can be seen by the mediator with or without counsel.
Mediators use advanced techniques and skills to open and improve dialogue between disputants, aiming to help the parties develop a shared understanding of the conflict and work toward building a practical and lasting resolution.
Mediation allows the parties to decide on the outcome and resolution rather than relying on the verdict and decision of a judge.
  • Faced With Protracted Litigation?

  •  Confused About The Court Process?

  •  Overwhelmed With Forms & Paper?






Stop the Push Me – Pull You

Property-Custody-Support Battle.

 The Mediation Option

Reaching a consensual agreement that settles your case is far superior to a court making a decision for you, taking the matter entirely out of your hands.

A Neutral Mediator –

*Creates an environment for settlement to occur.

*Facilitates an agreement between the parties where the parties decide.

*Provides a forum for each party to speak out about their concerns based on their individual shared interests.

*Allow the parties to reach consensus on major issues involving their legal and social circumstances.

*Avoids the attack vs. counter attack mindset of a protracted Litigated Case.

*Allow the parties to set aside animosity and meet in a safe place based on mutual respect and allow each party to be able to maintain their individual dignity.

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